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Champagne Everlasting Candles

Champagne Everlasting Candles

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The new color, Champagne, is simply that bright, shimmering addition to celebrate the start to the New Year, New You.  

It's the perfect medium tone between copper and gold that adds a hint of glitz and glam into your favourite living space.


Everlasting Candles are a one of a kind indoor oil candle with an elegant and timeless design that have been handcrafted by a husband and wife team in British Columbia, Canada. 

The candle reimagined - this steel oil candle doesn't burn down like a wax candle.

This is the no drip, smoke-free, scent-free solution to ambiance - with a clean burning, real flame.


*3 Everlasting Candles. Other items sold separately. 


Directions for use:

- Add three inches of Pristine OilTM to your vase

- Gently place your Everlasting Candles into the vase

- Wait 30 minutes prior to lighting


After use / When not in use:

Empty any remaining Pristine OilTM from your vase before storing your Everlasting Candles.


When your Everlasting Candles are not in use:

- Remove your candlesticks from the vase, wipe off any excess oil, and store in a safe place, out of reach of children or pets.


If the Pristine OilTM has not been exhausted via burning off:

- Store Pristine Oil? in the bottle with the cap secured, in a safe place, out of reach of children or pets.


- Dispose of unused Pristine Oil? in accordance with local waste disposal requirements.


Important Safety Measures:

- Never leave a candle unattended - keep within sight. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

- Never add Pristine OilTM to your vase while your Everlasting Candles are lit.

- Your Everlasting Candles should be set up where it will be used. Do not move while lit.