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Everlasting Candle Co.® Canada 2024

A luxurious and reusable steel candle that never melts

Everlasting Candle - The Candle Reimagined

Crafted with our patent pending design, candles are no longer temporary pieces of home décor; they can be a permanent addition to any home, providing enjoyment for years to come.

Refillable with our Pristine Oil® it delivers clean-burning, smoke-free, and scent-free ambience.

Whether you are a person who appreciates stunning décor, or someone looking for a unique gift - we guarantee it will leave a lasting impression.


Our Story + Social Impact

With an ever growing demand for clean burning products, this family invention was modernized by the duo as a way to connect creatively and share in a love for entrepeneurialship and home decor. What started in their home garage, quickly escalated to sharing their passion with friends, family, and now with people all over North America. Read More.