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Sunset Collection

  Sale price$80.00

A luxurious steel candle that never melts - providing beautiful clean burning ambience to your home.

Product Highlights
• Relight it thousands of times
• Clean burning, real flame
• Adds instant luxury to your home
• The only candle that never melts

The Sunset Collection represents the celebration of life. 

Storm - Calm within the chaos
Moonlight - A romantic reflection
Pink Lady - Created to stand out
Golden Hour - The suns kiss goodnight
Pampas - A dream on the horizon

Patent-pending. Designed and Made in Canada. Local shipping from Vancouver, BC

Sets include: Pristine Oil® + Everlasting Candles + Vase

Gone are the days of saving candles for special occasions - with a candle that never melts, make every day special.


Making Headlines

"We've never met a candle we didn't love, but this new innovation is taking our obsession to a whole new level, minus the wax and the soot."

“The flame is so soft and subtle it’s the perfect ambiance setter. I can’t wait to put it at the center of every dinner party I’m manifesting."

"I fell in love with the Everlasting Candle Company, which features a minimalistic steel candle that never melts in a vase that I can customize to perfectly match my home's aesthetic."

“These steel tapers are the Everlasting Gobstoppers of the candle world.”

“Perfect for the aesthetic-forward giftee who's always looking to boost the vibes of their beloved abode.”

a celebration of life